Favorite family business 


Hello. Thank you for stopping by and interested in our products. So that you clearly understand who makes them, we want to introduce you to our family business, which has existed for 25 years.

We are the Tereshchuk family. This page is ruled by Maryna. My husband is a craftsman, he is doing handmade wooden statues for you. We have 3 lovely kids. The eldest son helps his father in carpentry. We adore beauty and aesthetics, so we treat every craft with love and warmth.

The workshop for the manufacture of wooden products began its journey back in 1995. At first grandfather was engaged in carpentry, then dad became interested in it. They carved various patterns and curls into the wood. Over time, my dad began to involve me in this case. The more I did woodcarving, the more I fell in love with carpentry.

Over the years, I've made carpentry my life's work.
We lived in Ukraine, devoted time to wood carving, delighted our customers with products. But suddenly 2018 came to us and brought misfortune to our family.

The eldest son Denis fell seriously ill, doctors in Ukraine did not undertake such a diagnosis, because they have no experience. We looked for the best doctors and treatment for him, and we found them in Spain, where we are right now from the spring of 2020.

Having moved to a new country, we decided that we would continue to do what we love and make people a little happier by making various statuettes from wood, paintings, panels, pendants and so on.

We ourselves develop sketches for our future masterpieces, we model, we make carvings, putting love and soul into each creation.

We will be very pleased that our product is in your home and pleases the eye. Thank you for your purchase!