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Vidar, Asatru, Norse gods, Wooden statue

Vidar, Asatru, Norse gods, Wooden statue

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Vidar, silent god, the god of revenge, Norse gods, handmade Norse pagan wooden statue carving from ecological material for Asatru altar. Material: ecological ash tree. Сoating: varnish. Height 8inch/20.5cm. Width 4.7inch/12cm. Dept1.8inch/4.8cm. He is the silent Scandinavian god of revenge. He is the son of Odin and the giantess Grid. He was distinguished by both remarkable strength and silence. The ancient gоds considered his the personification of a virgin forest or inexhaustible natural forces. It is believed that originally the name "Vіdаr" meant "one whose domain is vast." He is called the Silent Ace, meaning that he does not flaunt himself: He is laconic but ready to prove himself as a brave and ferocious warrior when needed. They also say that he is almost as strong as Тhоr and that the gоds can always rely on him in times of need. According to legend, on the day of the death of the gоds, the huge wolf Fеnrіr will absorb Odіn, but after that, he will be killed by Vidar. He is often represented as a stream of water, and a wоІf as fire. Vidar's dwelling was located in Landvidi (distant land). The palace, decorated with green branches and fresh flowers, was located in an impenetrable virgin forest, where the silence and solitude reigned, which he loved so much. Vіdаr was not only the personification of inexhaustible natural forces but also a symbol of the resurrection and renewal of nature. The meaning of the eternal law of nature is that instead of wilted flowers and leaves, young shoots will appear, buds will swell, new leaves and flowers will bloom. This god was destined to survive in Ragnarok and then rule in a renewed world. If you want to make an offering to Vіdаr, present him with some weapon - stick it into the snow or throw it into ice water or a swamp. We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this sculpture from ash tree for your complete delight. The design of our products is a one-of-a-kind artwork created by me and my team.
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Item is as described and amazing quality


Gorgeous carving. Shipped rapidly. Secure packaging.


Again, superb quality and craftsmanship! I'm always blown away by this shop and the artist/s. The smell of the wood is so pleasing. The artist really cares about fine detail! love it!




Beautiful statue and great quality!!

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