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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Hand carved Wood wall decor

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Hand carved Wood wall decor

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Looking for a truly unique piece of wall decor? Look no further than the Sagrada Familia wall panel! This amazing piece is hand carved from the ecological ash tree and features intricate details that are simply stunning. The varnish coating protects the wood and ensures that it will last for years. Whether you’re a fan of Gaudi’s work or you simply appreciate great craftsmanship, this wall panel is sure to impress.

Sagrada Characteristics
Material: ecological ash tree
Сoating: varnish
Height 24.8 inch/63 cm
Width 20 inch/51 cm
Depth: 1.5 inch/4 cm

Color shades and textures may differ slightly from actual products. It depends on your monitor or phone settings.
The statues are very easy to clean. Wipe clean with a dry towel or tissue.

We ship our products from Spain to the EU. To the USA and other countries, the goods are shipped from a warehouse located in the USA.
We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this wooden sculpture, a wooden statue from the ash tree for your complete delight.

In BаrсеІоna, the capital of Catalonia, there is a building that has been erected for 120 years with minor interruptions. But it all ends someday. The grandiose Atonement Church of the Holy Family ("Sаgrada FamіІіa"), founded in 1882, is gradually taking on the appearance of a completed creation. The way it was conceived by one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, Antoni Gаudі.

According to Sраnish data, it will not be possible to finish the building earlier than by 2026. Gaudí's castle has a very rich history. Remarkable is the fact that it is being built on private donations. The facade of the temple was mostly built during the life of Gаudі and personifies the three virtues - Faith, Hope, and Mercy. Everything is decorated with sculptures from the life of Christ.

Each tower of the castle is dedicated to its own apostle, whose statues are placed in them. Each tower has a spiral staircase inside. Some incredible geometric shapes and unusual details are used on the territory of the temple. The supporting element in the structure of the temple is the columns.

The most interesting thing is that Gаudі realized that he would not be able to finish building this temple and thought out many details in advance. It turns out that the temple is still being built according to his project and his ideas are being implemented.

Considering that the construction of the temple began in 1882, it will definitely become the creation not only of the great Gаudі but also of several generations of dedicated professionals and enthusiasts.

The Sаgrаdа FаmіІіa is a truly unique architectural phenomenon, it is a bridge that connected generations, and epochs, and presented an exceptional opportunity not only to touch history but also to join its creation. For a century and a half, the structure has been built, growing, and changing.

We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this wооden sculpture from ash tree for your complete delight.

The design of our wооden products is a one-of-a-kind artwork created by me and my team.

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Lovely and it came so quickly. The faces are detailed and not weird.


It's beautiful beyond words.


It got to me SO quickly and it is even more beautiful than I expected.

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