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Egyptian statue Anhur Egyptian god Kemetic Anhur lion Egyptian decor Egyptian mythology Ancient egyptian Egyptian goddess Goddess carving

Egyptian statue Anhur Egyptian god Kemetic Anhur lion Egyptian decor Egyptian mythology Ancient egyptian Egyptian goddess Goddess carving

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The wooden statue of the god Anhur stands out for its majestic and powerful posture. Carved from solid wood with grace and skill, this statuette embodies the strength and militancy of the ancient Egyptian god. Anhur the lion is depicted as a warrior with a human torso and a lion's head, which emphasizes his strength and power. His statue is decorated with details depicting military equipment, such as shields, armor or weapons, which emphasizes his role as a protector and patron. Ankhura's face expresses determination and courage, and his eyes radiate strength and power. He stands on a pedestal, symbolizing his connection with the earth and fertility, as well as his power over the world.

Anhur Statue Characteristics 

Material: ash tree.
Сoating: varnish.
Height 8,0inch/20,5 cm.
Width 3,9 inch/10,0cm.
Depth 1.5inch/4,0 cm.


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Anhur, also known as Anguris or Anhar, is an ancient Egyptian god whose cult was especially widespread in the city of Tinis modern Asyut, where he was considered one of the main deities. In the history of Egyptian mythology, Anhur was often associated with military power, protection and victory. His name translates as protector or "protector".
Often depicted as a warrior with a masculine and strong image, Anhur was often depicted with a lion's head or as a lion with a human torso. He was considered the patron saint of pharaohs and warriors, and his presence was often invoked during military campaigns to ensure victory.
Anhur was also associated with the sun and some aspects of agriculture, as his role also included protecting the fertility of the land. In many myths, he appears as a traveler who fights enemies and protects the world from chaos.
Images of Anhur are often found on the walls of temples and sarcophagi, as well as on amulets and objects of worship. His cult was widespread in Ancient Egypt, and many pharaohs performed rituals and offerings in his honor to ensure victory and protection.
A statue of the Egyptian god Anhur can serve as an Egyptian decoration for a home or office, reminding of power and protection. Its presence can inspire decisive action and protection of its environment. Also, such a statuette of Egyptian gods can be a good gift for lovers and collectors of Egyptian art.

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