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Enlil statue Sumerian gods Goddess statue Anunnaki Sumerian statue Mesopotamian mythology Mesopotamia art Ishtar Goddess figurine wooden carving

Enlil statue Sumerian gods Goddess statue Anunnaki Sumerian statue Mesopotamian mythology Mesopotamia art Ishtar Goddess figurine wooden carving

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The wooden carved statue of the god Enlil is a unique work of art.This enlil statue has a special design and carving details that impress with its beauty and craftsmanship.It has a graceful shape that conveys the greatness and power of the god Enlil. Every detail of the goddess statue is designed with attention to the smallest nuances, including various symbols associated with ishtar Enlil, such as a rod, a crown or symbols of power.
This sumerian statue of the god Enlil has a deep meaning in the context of ancient mesopotamian mythology. Enlil was the supreme god who controlled nature, weather, and agriculture. He symbolizes power, wisdom, and fertility. To own a statue anunnaki of Enlil is to have a connection with ancient traditions and to feel the power of this mighty god. It is made of natural wood and carefully carved by craftsmen.

Enlil Statue Characteristics

Material: ash wood.
Finish: lacquer.
Height: 8,0inches / 20,5 cm.
Width 5,5 inches / 14,0 cm.
Depth: 1,6 inches / 4,0 cm.


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Enlil, in ancient Mesopotamian mythology, was one of the most important gods and held a high position in the pantheon. His name can be translated as lord of the wind or lord of the air. Enlil was considered the supreme god, ruler of heaven and earth, and the god of all gods and men.
In Mesopotamian mythology, Enlil played an important role in creating the world and establishing order. He was responsible for dividing heaven and earth and appointed the gods to their positions. Enlil also controlled the weather, especially wind and rain, and was the god of thunder and lightning. His thunder and lightning were considered manifestations of his power.
Enlil was also the god of agriculture and fertility. He was responsible for the growth of plants and ensuring wealth and prosperity in the land. Many temples and shrines were dedicated to Enlil, and sacrifices and prayers were offered to him to ensure the fertility of the land.
Images of Enlil often show him seated on a throne, holding a staff and a fibrous crown in his hand, symbolizing his power and strength. His sacred animal was a bull, which was considered a symbol of fertility and power.
Overall, Enlil was a god who was honored and invoked by the Mesopotamians in many areas of life. He was a great and powerful god, controlling natural phenomena and ensuring well-being and prosperity.
This carved goddess figurine is a great item for collectors, lovers of ancient cultures and fans of mythology. It can also make a great gift for those who appreciate handcrafted and unique items. Discover the magic of ancient times by having this statue of the god Enlil in your home or collection.
Let this wood carved statue bring you joy, a sense of peace and the magic of the ancient world. It is a reminder of our roots and the greatness of the gods who reigned in the past.

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