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Goddess Cybele, Greek sculpture Greek statue

Goddess Cybele, Greek sculpture Greek statue

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Greek goddess Cybele statue - Elegant Representation for Enthusiasts of greek mythology

Cybele Statue Characteristics

Material: ash tree.
Сoating: varnish.
Height 8inch/20.5cm.
Width 5.3inch/13.5cm.
Depth 2.3inch/6cm.


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Introducing an impressive statue of the greek goddess Cybele - a refined embodiment of the grandeur and beauty of greek mythology. This exquisite creation inspires an exploration of the energy and symbolism associated with the great mother goddess.
The Greek goddess Cybele, also known as Rhea Cybele or Mother Goddess, was considered a colossal and powerful deity in ancient Greek religion. The primary focus of her cult was the mountains, especially Mount Dindymus and the Alps of Phrygia. One of the central aspects of her mythology was associated with nature, fertility, and motherhood.

One of the most characteristic features of Cybele was her magnificence. In art and sculpture, she was often depicted as a large female figure, seated on a throne or a chariot, draped in veils, with a crown on her head, and holding the keys to mysteries in her left hand. She was also portrayed as a maternal figure, around whom scenes of life, death, and rebirth were often depicted.

The goddess Cybele was linked to agriculture and fertility, symbolizing the maternal earth that nourished her children with abundant harvests and the richness of nature. Her cult involved rituals, songs, and dances, where devotees expressed gratitude for fertility and well-being.

The cult of Cybele is also renowned for its sanctuaries, notably the temple in Didyma, where a towering statue of the goddess was housed. Her sanctuaries attracted pilgrims and believers from various parts of the ancient world.

It is important to note that the cult of Cybele had a significant influence on Roman religion, where she was identified with the revered Magna Mater. The goddess Cybele remains an intriguing subject for exploration among archaeologists, historians, and enthusiasts of ancient mythology.

The greek goddess Cybele was renowned for her role in lavish rituals related to nature and fertility. The statue captures the elegance and magnificence of this goddess, considered the protector of mountains and wild nature. The high-quality craftsmanship allows one to appreciate the sophistication of greek art, with each contour conveying a sense of vibrant energy.

This statue can make a splendid gift for collectors of ancient artifacts or those who appreciate greek mythology and the grandeur of classical art. Place it in your space as a symbol of magnificence and feminine energy, adding a touch of classical beauty to your decor.
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