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Hecate statue Triple goddess statue Hecate altar Altar statue Greek god statue Ancient greek Hecate gooddess Witchcraft Greek mythology art

Hecate statue Triple goddess statue Hecate altar Altar statue Greek god statue Ancient greek Hecate gooddess Witchcraft Greek mythology art

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The statue represents the triple goddess Hecate, where each head has its own unique expression, symbolizing different aspects of her divinity. Each carved Hecate goddess has different aspects and symbolism.The Greek goddesses may symbolize Hecate as the moon goddess, depicted with a moon sickle above her head and with a halo resembling a full moon.Another as a guide of souls and magical rituals, with a mysterious expression and magical symbols on her forehead. Rusfeu fdefk also reflects her connection to the underworld, depicted with torches that symbolize her power over the passages between worlds. In her hands, the Pkutsk goddess holds snakes that coil around her, symbolizing wisdom and transformation. the craftsman has clearly reproduced every curve and carved detail of the hekate statue. The altar statue is made and annealed from natural wood.

Material: ash tree .
Coating: varnish.
Height 8,0/20,5cm.
Width 4,9/12.5cm.
Depth 1.1/3,0cm.


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Color shades and textures may differ slightly from actual products. It depends on your monitor or phone settings. The statues are very easy to clean. Wipe clean with a dry towel or tissue.

It is a unique and inimitable decorative object. You can place it on tables, shelves, and desks. Ideal for traveling. An excellent option for a gift.

We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this wooden sсuІрture from ash tree for your complete delight.

Hecate is one of the most mysterious and revered goddesses in ancient Greek mythology. Her cult and image have survived the centuries, and she remains an important figure in contemporary spiritual practices. Hecate was the daughter of the titan Persus and Asteria, the goddess of the starry sky and nighttime predictions. She had power over heaven, earth, and sea, making her one of the most powerful goddesses. Although she was often associated with the underworld and magic, Hecate was also associated with fertility and protection.Hecate is often depicted with torches, symbolizing her ability to light the way in the darkness and guide the souls of the dead.Snakes are often associated with her as symbols of wisdom and transformation. Hecate has a close connection to the moon and is often depicted with a lunar sickle or against a full moon.Hecate was revered in many places, but especially in Ephesus, Thessaly and Caria. Her temple at Lagina was an important center of worship. Sacrifices were made to her at road crossings, especially at the new moon. Her cult included nightly rituals, and worshippers often left food and other offerings in her honor.In modern pagan and magical traditions, Hecate remains a popular figure. She is revered as a goddess of magic, protection, and transitions. Her image and symbolism are often used in rituals and meditations.

Hecate is a multifaceted and powerful goddess who symbolizes many aspects of life and death, magic and protection. Her cult and image remain relevant and revered to this day, reflecting her eternal power and significance in human culture.

The Triple Hecate statue can be the centerpiece of a home altar, used in rituals and meditations dedicated to magic and spiritual development.As part of the interior, the statue can add a mystical and mysterious accent to the living room, office or bedroom. It can also serve as a talisman, protecting the home and its inhabitants.This is a great gift for those interested in mythology, Greek art, history or magic. She can be a symbol of wisdom, protection and spiritual guidance.The statue of Hecate can become a symbol of the search for inner light in the darkness, the expansion of consciousness and understanding of the secrets of the universe. She reminds us of the importance of every aspect of life and death, as well as the power we have over our destinies.The wooden statue of the triple Hecate not only decorates the room, but also carries a deep symbolic meaning. It connects us with ancient Greek mythology and traditions, reminding us of the strength, wisdom and protection that Hecate provides to her followers.

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