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Hypnos, Greek god Hypnos (god of sleep) - figurine, wooden altar, carved wooden statue, Greek mythology

Hypnos, Greek god Hypnos (god of sleep) - figurine, wooden altar, carved wooden statue, Greek mythology

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We present an exquisite wooden statue in the image of the Greek god Hypnos, the embodiment of tranquility and dreams. Handmade with meticulous elegance and detail, this figurine captures Hypnos as a gentle young man with wings symbolizing the freedom of dreams and a poppy flower associated with peace and relaxation. The wooden texture adds warmth and naturalness, making it a must-have piece for those seeking an atmosphere of calm and fascination in their interior space.

Statue Characteristics:

Material: Ecological Ash Tree
Coating: Varnish
Height: 8.0 inches (20.5 cm)
Width: 3.9 inches (10.0 cm)
Depth: 1.5 inches (4.0 cm)

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The statue is easy to clean; simply wipe with a dry towel or tissue.

We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this wooden sculpture from the ash tree for your complete delight. The design of our wooden products is a one-of-a-kind artwork created by my team and me.

In Greek mythology, Hypnos, the divine embodiment of sleep and repose, emerges from the lineage of Nyx, the goddess of Night. Renowned for his unique gift of ushering individuals into the realm of dreams, Hypnos is often portrayed as a tender youth adorned with feathers or wings, his presence accompanied by a rod or the delicate bloom of a poppy flower.

Within the ethereal confines of Morpheus' domain, Hypnos holds sway, governing the landscape of dreams. His radiant palaces, bathed in luminosity and warmth, serve as sanctuaries where both deities and mortals seek solace and rejuvenation. Myriad myths intertwine with Hypnos' exceptional ability to induce slumber and shape the tapestry of dreams. Epithets tethered to sleep and weariness frequently adorn his name.

In the intricate tapestry of Greek mythology, Hypnos assumes a pivotal role, not merely as a harbinger of rest but also as the revealer of the enigmatic secrets concealed within the nocturnal realm of dreams. Esteemed for his capacity to grant respite, Hypnos garnered reverence as a deity capable of granting reprieve from earthly tribulations, ushering individuals into a realm of blissful forgetfulness and the prospect of delightful dreams.

A statuette depicting the divine form of Hypnos promises to be a distinctive addition to your living space, infusing an air of tranquility and enchantment. Crafted with precision and artistic finesse, this objet d'art is tailored for those who value the allure of handmade craftsmanship, aspiring to infuse their surroundings with an essence of magic and dreamlike energy that is truly unparalleled.

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