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Ixchel Mayan moon goddess Divine feminine Aztec altar Wood carving

Ixchel Mayan moon goddess Divine feminine Aztec altar Wood carving

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The Mayan Moon Goddess - Ixchel

Wooden Figurine Characteristics:

  • Material: Ecological Ash
  • Coating: Varnish
  • Height: 8 inches (20.8 cm)
  • Width: 5 inches (12.8 cm)
  • Depth: 1.4 inches (3.8 cm)


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Please note that color shades and textures may slightly differ from actual products due to monitor or phone settings. Our statues are easy to clean—simply wipe with a dry towel or tissue.

This wooden statuette of Ixchel embodies the essence of feminine strength and abundance. Crafted from eco-friendly ash wood, it reflects the natural and durable qualities of the material. The figurine symbolizes the influential character of Ixchel in Mayan mythology, representing the divine feminine in harmony with the world. Ixchel encompasses qualities of inner strength, wisdom, and serenity.

As the Moon Goddess, Ixchel influences natural cycles, fertility, and the birth of new life. Recognized as the goddess of crafts, creativity, and textiles, she symbolizes the importance of manual labor, luxury, and individuality. In Mayan culture, textiles held great significance, woven with skill and craftsmanship. Ixchel was revered as the patroness of weaving and a symbol of artistry.

Ixchel, as the goddess of childbirth, protects women, especially expectant or new mothers. Her power is intertwined with the cyclic nature of life and the process of bringing new life into the world. Bestowing blessings, she safeguards pregnant women, guiding them on their unique life journey.

This wooden statuette of Ixchel is a captivating work of art, capturing the spirit of ancient Mayan and artisanal crafts. Crafted with skill and attention to detail, it reflects the artistry of wood carving. Elaborate patterns and symbols carved into the wood replicate the rich mythology and spirituality associated with Ixchel. This figurine is deserving of worship and veneration as a potential deity.

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