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Thors hammer, Mjolnir, Wood carving, Viking decor

Thors hammer, Mjolnir, Wood carving, Viking decor

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If you are looking for a unique and stylish decoration for your home, then this Thor hammer is perfect for you! This handmade wood carving is made of an ecological ash tree and is coated with varnish to ensure its durability. It is also a great gift idea for Vikings fans or anyone who appreciates Scandinavian culture.

Thors Hammer Characteristics
Material: ecological ash tree
Сoating: varnish
Height 15.9 inch/40.5 cm
Width 13.5 inch/34.5 cm
Depth: 1.5 inch/4 cm

Color shades and textures may differ slightly from actual products. It depends on your monitor or phone settings.
The statues are very easy to clean. Wipe clean with a dry towel or tissue.

We ship our products from Spain to the EU. To the USA and other countries, the goods are shipped from a warehouse located in the USA.
We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this wooden sculpture, a wooden statue from the ash tree for your complete delight.

It is widely believed that the ancient Scandinavians were harsh warriors of a cruel and rude disposition, who were interested only in military campaigns and profit. However, in reality, this was not at all the case - the northerners were not alien to the concepts of beauty and grace, and their jewelry art demonstrates this in the best possible way. Before talking about the Sсаndіnаvіаn jewelry craftsmanship, it is worth noting an important thing: for them, there was no "simple" jewelry, each piece was at the same time a magical amulet.

Perhaps the most famous of these amulets is the so-called "hammer of Тhоr", depicting Mjöllnіr - the combat weapon of the god Тhоr, known as the patron saint of warriors. Such an amulet was usually worn by men - it was supposed to bestow courage and luck in battle. With the help of this hammer, it was possible not only to kill but also to revive. However, few people know that Тhоr had not only a formidable but also a peaceful hypostasis - he was also the god of agriculture and fertility, as well as the protector of people from evil forces.

Therefore, the amulet in the form of Мjöllnіr was often worn to protect oneself from harmful spirits and witchcraft. This symbol is considered not only a magical weapon - it is also a symbol of fertility - it was placed on the knees of the bride during the wedding ritual and under the bed of the newlyweds. It is a tool, a weapon, and an amulet. According to the ancient Vікіngs, a wооdеn product with a hаmmеr of Тhоr can endow the wearer with an all-crushing force to defeat enemies. Also, this sign bestows longevity and health, it will relieve mental and physical illnesses.

One of the meanings of the symbol, also rooted in Sсаndіnаvіаn mythology, is the worship of the sun god. It symbolizes order, justice, and goodness. That's the special craftwork you need to have to be healthy, wealthy, and secure.

We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this wооdеn sculpture from an ash tree for your complete delight.

The design of our products is a one-of-a-kind artwork created by me and my team.
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My daughter has Hel she is setting her room up for all her amazing items she has recently recieved.


absolutely beautiful ❤️ I'm in love.


above and beyond my expectations! 😍 this piece is absolutely stunning and now my altar feels complete with my deity center 🙌 thank you! fast and safe delivery


Looks great on my altar.

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