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Triquetra, Celtic cat, Carved wood panel, Carved wood wall art

Triquetra, Celtic cat, Carved wood panel, Carved wood wall art

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Sure to be a conversation starter, this beautifully carved wood panel features a celtic cat in an intricate celtic knot. TheAsh tree is an eco-friendly material, and the varnish protects and brings out the natural grain of the wood for a stunning result. Perfect for any room in your home, this piece of Celtic wall art is sure to add a touch of charm and beauty.

Triquetra Characteristics
Material: ecological ash tree
Сoating: varnish
Height 14.1 inch/36 cm
Width 14.3 inch/36.5 cm
Depth: 1.5 inch/4 cm

Color shades and textures may differ slightly from actual products. It depends on your monitor or phone settings.
The statues are very easy to clean. Wipe clean with a dry towel or tissue.

We ship our products from Spain to the EU. To the USA and other countries, the goods are shipped from a warehouse located in the USA.
We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this wooden sculpture, a wooden statue from the ash tree for your complete delight.

The Саt is a sacred animal among many nations. Her worship was especially characteristic of crops when people's lives depended on the safety of the crop and protection from rodents was required.

She is a creature of the night, and the moon has filled her daughter with feminine energy. Such a totem will teach tenderness and seduction, awaken inner and outer beauty, and become a guide to the feminine principle. It will help make the character softer, the reactions more thoughtful, and the speech more melodic.

This is a talisman guide to the astral world, a helper, encouraging spiritual development.

The Egyptians saw in the cat the personification of Bastet, in Scandinavian mythology she accompanied Freya - both goddesses patronized love, fertility, and the hearth. Such a symbоІ will give family ties a fortress. This is a wonderful sуmbоІ for mothers and women preparing for the birth of children.

Wіth a саt, prosperity and well-being will enter the house. The Guardian Predator bestows security. She will awaken her intuition, reflect on adversity, or take a blow on herself. She will also take care of energy purity.

The ability to "see in darkness" grants her the ability to protect herself on the physical and spiritual plane. She recognizes tricks, and hidden lies, and anticipates attacks.

The саt is an animal of balance: how much was spent, so much must be restored. She will teach you to act deliberately, to wait, where you need to slow down, and where to abruptly fulfill your plans, foreseeing the best outcome, without wasting energy.

Love for freedom in her coexists with loyalty to home. This property will help you understand the boundaries, find your way, and not get lost on the road, both in life and in ordinary travel.

We tried to do it for you with great pleasure and put effort into this product from ash tree for your complete delight.

The design of our products is a one-of-a-kind artwork created by me and my team.

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Customer Reviews

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This is a beautiful statue, the detail in the carving is exquisite, there is even carving of the hair in the back of the statue. I am extremely pleased and the shipping was fast, I ordered on 5/30 and received it on 6/9.


I love my statue so beautifully made!


Beautiful and perfect statue! My fiancé really liked it.


Great statue! High quality and perfectly carved.


Beautiful piece! Completely stunning, arrived quickly, too! Thank you so much!

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