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Wooden Beelzebub Statue - Dark Deities and Demons Collection

Wooden Beelzebub Statue - Dark Deities and Demons Collection

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Wooden Beelzebub Statue Description

Wooden Beelzebub Statue - an impressive and unique art piece that captivates with its enigma and symbolism. This statue embodies ancient mythological and religious beliefs associated with the image of Beelzebub, which appears in various cultural contexts as a demon or evil spirit.

Wooden Beelzebub Statue Characteristics 

  • Material: ecological ash tree.
  • Coating: varnish.
  • Height 8inch/20.5cm.
  • Width 5.5inch/14cm.
  • Depth 1.6inch/4cm.


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Color shades and textures may differ slightly from actual products. It depends on your monitor or phone settings. The statues are very easy to clean. Wipe clean with a dry towel or tissue.

It is a unique and inimitable decorative object. You can place it on tables, shelves, and desks. Ideal for traveling. An excellent option for a gift.

About Beelzebub 

The depiction of Beelzebub found in various religious and mythological contexts lends depth and significance to this wooden statue. Beelzebub, whose name can be understood as "lord of the flies," is portrayed in biblical and Christian traditions as a demon symbolizing evil and hostility towards divine values.

In some verses and literary works, Beelzebub is used as a metaphor to satirize authority, corruption, and other negative aspects of society. This statue may be perceived as an image that prompts contemplation on the struggle between good and evil or even as a reflection of internal conflicts.

Despite its negative connotation, the image of Beelzebub can also be seen from a different perspective. In certain religious and esoteric doctrines, it may embody the transcendence of inner barriers, the will for change, and transformation. This wooden statue can encourage deeper reflection on one's spiritual path and personal development.

Thus, the wooden Beelzebub statue, seemingly symbolizing a mysterious figure, actually opens up a space for profound contemplation and interpretation, creating an opportunity for discussing diverse philosophical and spiritual themes.

The statue is crafted from high-quality natural wood, intricately carved with skill and precision, giving it distinctiveness and uniqueness. The depiction of Beelzebub, characteristic of artistic and religious visions, can range from malevolence to satirical.

This wooden statue can be a wonderful interior decoration that evokes intrigue and discussion. It can add a touch of mystique and enigma to any space. Despite the symbolism associated with Beelzebub, this statue can be an intriguing object for collectors, mythology enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates diversity in cultural expressions and art.

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