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Zoroastrianism Zoroaster, Ahura Mazda, Iran Wooden statue Mesopotamian Wood sculpture Wood carving Iranian Mesopotamia art

Zoroastrianism Zoroaster, Ahura Mazda, Iran Wooden statue Mesopotamian Wood sculpture Wood carving Iranian Mesopotamia art

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The wooden statue of Zoroaster is an exquisite piece of art that embodies the image of the eminent ancient Persian prophet and founder of Zoroastrianism. It stands out not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its profound symbolism intricately crafted into its details.

ZoroasterStatue Characteristics

Material: ash tree.
Сoating: varnish.
Height 8.2inch/21cm.
Width 4.1inch/10.6cm.
Depth 1.5inch/4cm.


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Zoroaster's countenance is marked by pronounced wisdom, and his slender figure and attire replicate details of ancient clothing, indicating historical accuracy and reverence for traditions. The carving creates a sense of movement and grandeur, allowing one to feel the dynamism of his presence.
The Life of Zoroaster: The exact date of Zoroaster's birth remains unknown, but he is believed to have lived around the 6th century BCE. Key details about his life can be found in the sacred texts that make up the Avesta.

The Avesta is the primary sacred text of Zoroastrianism, containing texts attributed to Zoroaster. It consists of two parts - the Yasna (understanding) and the Vendidad (opposition to evil).
One of the central ideas of Zoroastrianism is the belief in Ahura Mazda as the supreme god, the creator of goodness and the world. According to Zoroaster's teachings, the world is a place of eternal struggle between good and evil.

Zoroastrianism teaches that every individual is free to choose between good and evil, and their actions determine their destiny. Any act of evil or goodness affects the balance in the world.

Fire is considered sacred in Zoroastrianism, symbolizing purity and divine light. In Zoroastrian temples, fire is an object of worship.
Zoroastrianism has influenced the development of other world religions, notably Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Some religious concepts, such as the struggle between good and evil, have been borrowed or adapted from Zoroastrianism. The reverence for fire as a symbol of purity and the divine has left a lasting impact on the spiritual and ritualistic practices of these religions.
Zoroastrianism, founded by Zoroaster, was characterized by a belief in a singular supreme god, the struggle between good and evil, and an emphasis on personal responsibility for one's actions. This statue becomes not just an art piece but also a symbol of spirituality and faith, capable of inspiring and reminding of life's essential principles.
with a rich cultural and religious history. However, Zoroastrianism became more widely known in Persia and adjacent regions, making it challenging to find direct references to Zoroaster or his teachings in Mesopotamian sources.
Crafted from high-quality wood, the statue impresses with its natural beauty. Meticulously thought out and executed, it encapsulates history, culture, and spiritual values, making it an outstanding collectible and an exquisite gift.

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